About 3d wooden puzzles

Has everything passed safety certification tests?

Yes! All the toys are made from safe, high quality materials that have been extensively tested to be free of toxins and other hazardous materials.

Does it come with directions? 

Yes! Each puzzle comes with a picture of the final assembled product along with a numbered chart to help you along if you get stuck. Simply attach the pieces together at the points where the same number appears. 

Can they be painted? 

Yes! 3-D Puzzles can be left as an attractive natural wood model or painted to reflect one’s own personal taste.

What ages are they suitable for? 

While the difficulty of the puzzles varies based on their size and the number of pieces, the minimum age for safe puzzle usage is five years old. However, children should always be supervised when playing with objects that may present a choking hazard.

Do I need glue?

Most puzzles can be completely assembled without any need for glue! If you want to assemble your puzzle as a long term display instead of taking it apart when you’re done, you can use a bit of glue to keep it together.